Hola a todos!!

Esta soy yo, Marisol!
Anteriormente conocida como Spy en el mundo de las BJD's

Empecé a coser en el 2004 ropita para Bjd ya que era estudiante y no tenía dinero para el hobby.
Poco a poco se ha convertido en mi hobby y mi trabajo.
Me gusta crear cosas nuevas, no usar siempre las mismas telas o patrones (que hago yo)
Ahora mismo coso solo para Blythes y los muñecos llamados Engendritos de Irrealdoll

Espero que os guste mi trabajo y poder enseñaros muchas novedades :)

Hi everybody!

She is me, Marisol!
Before know like Spy :)

I started to sew in the year 2004, I had bjd's but not money for spen on outfits, I was studiant and poor XD
And bit by bit this hobby is my work, now I work with the Blythe dolls and Engendritos of Irrealdoll
I like work in different styles, fabrics and patterns (that i made) I use goog fabrics and threads.

I hope you like my work as much like me :D

2 comentarios:

  1. When would it be possible to order fox hats? I just saw your work on flickr and I just love it.
    Thank you - Rella

    1. Hi Rella! Now I'm making the hats for the Blythecons of UK and Seville, and I think that i will open an preorder about November 2015
      I put all my preorders and events on my facebook:
      Or you can check mi IG too: